The purpose for each course is simple: to help YOU become awesome with tools to gain powerful insights into YOUR data! I focus on YOU so much because that’s what matters in the end. Learning a tool might be fun, but at the end of the day YOU want results that you can be proud of and show to others to get your point across. I want to help YOU!

You can learn to use Excel, Google Docs, and Tableau quickly and easily with the courses below. You will be creating charts, impressing your co-workers (and your boss!) in no time :)

Excel Insights – Get up to speed on beginner, intermediate, and advanced Excel analysis, functions, charts and graphs.

Google Docs Insights – Learn how to use the cloud-based Word, Excel, and PowerPoint replacement to save time and collaborate with team members quickly and easily.

Tableau Insights – Tableau is a powerful tool to create great looking dashboards and graphs you can share. This is a great tool if you have a small business or organization and want to create more formalized, standardized reports on a regular basis.