Get up to speed on beginner, intermediate, and advanced Excel analysis, functions, charts and graphs.

What is the Excel Insights course?

Excel Insights is an easy, self-paced online training course with tons of material for learning Microsoft Excel. You’ll get started with some basic examples and then work with your own data. Support is available at every step of the way.

The purpose of Excel Insights is to help you become more productive and really comfortable in Excel. Maybe you’ve been using Excel for years but feel lost when you try to create a ‘quick’ pivot table or seemingly simple graph. It’s super frustrating (I know!) but I’ve put this course together to help YOU get up to speed quickly. You’ll be ready the next time you have to put together a presentation, for sure.

Why should you the join Excel Insights course?

Today, pretty much every business owner, manager or team member has to work with data. You will no doubt have more data coming from your customers, programs or products or services you use, or from your marketing campaigns than you can possibly sift through on your own. The Excel Insights course will help you get started and visualize powerful insights from your data.

Yes, it’s certainly possible to read books, blogs, and search online for help. Microsoft (and other sites) have tons of helpful information online. There’s even a help system built right into Excel. However, unless you know just what you are looking for it can be tough or time consuming to find what you need.

That is why I created the Excel Insights Course. This is a structured course containing 8 modules. Each module contains a few videos and downloadable Excel template files for you to learn the concepts in detail. So, you can watch the tutorial video, practice with the Excel files provided, and then try it with YOUR data. Of course, free help is provided at every step of the way if you get stuck or have a specific question that’s not quite answering what you need.

What Topics are Covered in Excel School?

Excel Insights Topics

  1. Getting started
  2. Formulas
  3. Formatting
  4. Conditional formatting
  5. Tables
  6. Pivot tables and charts
  7. Data validation
  8. Importing external data


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